Sustainable Tourism Development Planning.

Pro-Poor Tourism Project, Cambodia, 2008/2009
Project Team Leader for World Bank funded ‘Empowerment of the Poor in Siem Reap Province’ (EPSR Project) in Cambodia. The Project Team included 14 consultants with 7 international specialists and 7 local counterparts. Project objective was to analyse and define the involvement of the poorer communities in the tourism sector and to identify opportunities (projects, programs, SME’s, business linkages) for these enterprises and communities to become more involved and linked into the tourism value chain, to improve their livelihoods and alleviate poverty. Also assessed sectoral linkages and institutional constraints.
Siem Reap Province is the location of the World Heritage listed ‘Angkor Wat’ Archaeological Park and Temples and is Cambodia’s major tourism attraction. Hence, this was a major focus of the Project, particularly in assessing and analyzing its potential to generate income and improve livelihoods for the surrounding poorer village communities. Completed ‘Scoping and Diagnostic Analysis and Studies’, based on primary and secondary research, and delivered the following reports :
  • Economic Analysis of the Siem Reap Provincial Economy and its Tourism Sector
  • Tourism Sector Enabling Environment Assessment
  • Assessment of the Socio-Cultural and Environmental Effects of Tourism
  • Perspectives of the Poor about Tourism
  • Tourist Expenditure and Market Research Study
  • Provincial Tourism Sector Economic prospects scenarios (GFC impact)
  • Definition of Poverty and Prioritization of Final Target Groups
  • GIS Mapping of Poverty Areas in Siem Reap matched with the location of the Tourism Assets
  • Assessment of the Capacities and Constraints of the Poor
  • Assessment of Current Mechanisms to Address Constraints Faced by the Poor


  • Tourism Value Chain Analysis and Opportunities for Pro-Poor Tourism
  • Stock-taking of existing PPT Initiatives and Capacities


  • Assessment of Tourism Support Institutions
  • Scoping and Prioritization of Project Institutional Arrangements

Solomon Islands Tourism Sector Strategy Plan, 2005/06

Project Consultant for this Commonwealth Secretariat funded project. A review and updating of the old National Tourism Development Plan. Conducted a broad range of consultations, meetings, workshops, field trips and site visits across five Provinces, including many remote island communities. The strong recommendation was to adopt a more sustainable approach to tourism development through the staged development and promotion of ecotourism and community based tourism throughout all the Provinces, with a consequent re-focusing of the marketing strategy. Provincial Tourism Plans were recommended as an essential first step in this process.

Eco-Resort Developments, South Pacific, (2004 to 2006)
Project Consultant through the EU funded ProInvest Pacific Tourism program, providing specialist project development and investment advice to various ecotourism projects in Tonga , Samoa , Fiji and the Solomon Islands . Preparation of project profiles, funding applications, business plans and training workshops. For many, also conducted market research and financial feasibility analysis to produce investment finance proposals for investors and supply companies from Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand .

Community Tourism Development Program , Kenya , Africa (2005)
Invited by SNV, an NGO with its headquarters in Nairobi , to discuss and evaluate the establishment of their Community Tourism Development Program. Met with local staff and tour operators to assess management and marketing issues, including training programs and effective utilization of resources.

SME Tourism Business Development Program , Tonga (2004 to 2005)
Project Consultant for this ADB funded program through the Ministry of Labour, Commerce and Industries, Government of Tonga. Providing business advice, mentoring, operational reviews and training workshops to various smaller scale tourism enterprises. Introduced them to the Green Globe Accreditation Program and the International Ecotourism Society programs and training manuals. Developed easy to follow checklists on business planning, feasibility analysis, market analysis and SWOT analysis for use by small and medium size tourism business operators.

Feasibility Study for Eco-Luxury Lodges and Tours , Tonga (2002 to 2004)
Project Manager for a private investor to co-ordinate the in-country market research and financial analysis. Organised consultations and meetings with government ministers and officials, industry operators, landholders, financial institutions and local suppliers. Also undertook numerous field trips for site assessments and to negotiate land leases.

Investment Profiles to Develop Tourism Projects, Tonga (2003 to 2005)
Project Co-ordinator for the EU funded ProInvest Tourism Program. Produced numerous project profiles for a wide variety of clients for potential EU funding, including project concept and description, market and financial analysis.

Tourism Investment Guide Book , Tonga (2003)
Authored and produced a comprehensive and graphic booklet outlining potential for tourism investors. Included information on sites, incentives, visas, labour availability, commercial finance, government regulations and business licenses.

Investment Analysis of Major Hotel , Tonga (2003)
Commissioned by the Government Investment Unit, as a shareholder with a new foreign joint venture partner in Tonga ‘s major Hotel, to analyse the debt servicing, cash flow situation and investment risk. Provided five options to assess and improve their risk exposure.

Technical Assessment of Potential Tourism Development Sites, Tonga (2002)
Presented a report to the Minister of Tourism. Undertook site visits and assessments, including existing business operations, in 70 islands wihin the four major island groups. Identified constraints and opportunities in regard to access, scale, land leasing, financing, management and marketing.

Study of Ecotourism Potential for Tofua and Kao Volcanic Islands, Tonga (2002)
Team Leader and organiser for a one week field trip investigation to these remote volcanic islands in the Ha’apai group. Team included an American Environmental Adviser and a Japanese Marine Biologist with Tongan guides. Report presented to the Tongan Tourist Office and Department of Environment on landing sites, camping sites, trekking routes, tourist activities, tour logistics, safety and recommended equipment. Also conducted a volcanic reef monitoring study.

Marketing Plan for Ecotour company, Samoa (2000 to 2001)
Marketing consultant and Australian representative for Ecotour Samoa. Developing specialist and ethical tour wholesaling alliances to sell ecotours to the international market. Involved sales calls, advertising to special interest segments and developing internet website distribution.

Regional Tourism Management Study, Grampians , Victoria , Australia (2000)
Team Leader and co-ordinator to assess management issues for SME tourism business operators in the Grampians Tourism Region. Analysed and reported on resource allocation, impact analysis, marketing, product development and service delivery for hotels, guesthouses, restaurants, caravan parks, tour operators and retail outlets.

Promotional Videos for Australian Tourism , Australia (1999)
Marketing consultant for Albert Street Productions to raise sponsorship to produce 26 one hour cable TV shows ‘Postcards’, to promote Australia wide destinations to the UK and USA tourist markets.

National Tourism Development Plan, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean (1998)
Project Manager for this European Union funded project. This included the development of the project proposal to attract the funding, preparation of tender documents, selection of consultancy team and in country project management. The Plan identified a development strategy and outlined tourism investment projects for funding through the EU Stabex Fund. Was able to raise in excess of US$1m for funding of tourism projects and programs.

Cruise Tourism Marketing Plan, St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean . (1998)
Marketing Plan to support funding submissions for the development of a new cruiseship berth at Port Kingstown in St.Vincent. Included market analysis, product development proposals for cruise ship operators and a marketing strategy linked to a program of promotional activities with a defined budget.

National Tourism Destination Marketing Plan , St. Vincent and the Grenadines , Caribbean . (1997)
Developed Marketing Plan for the Department of Tourism to re-position and promote SVG more as a holiday tourist destination, targeted at niche market segments utilizing natural and cultural products. Included market research, product analysis, marketing strategy and a program of promotional activities with a defined budget. Visitor numbers increased by 12% and visitor expenditure by US$8m to make tourism the highest export earner, contributing 5.4% to GDP.

Investment Profiles of Tourist Attractions and Sites, St. Vincent, Caribbean . (1997)
Assessment of capital works and services required to develop and improve 25 existing tourist attractions and recreation sites. Included scope of work required, estimated costs, availability of finance, potential impacts and management issues.

Heritage Tourism Project, St.Vincent, Caribbean (1997)
Tourism Adviser to Local Counterpart appointed through the Organisation of American States (OAS) funded project. Development of cultural, historical and nature based tourism projects, programs and tours. Special on-site studies conducted for ‘Africa’ Shipwreck, ‘ Fort Charlotte ‘ and ‘ Carib Village ‘ to be developed as priority tourist attractions.

Airline Industry Marketing Agreement, St. Vincent, Caribbean , (1997)
Involved in negotiations with American Airlines to establish the first direct flights of American Eagle into St. Vincent from Puerto Rico, opening up a more direct route for the USA market, stimulating increased visitor numbers.

Review of Tourism Promotions and Advertising Program , St. Vincent and the Grenadines , (1996)
Project Manager for EU funded project to produce a complete range of print and electronic promotional materials with new design, format, logo and slogan. Included co-ordination of country wide video and photo shoot. Recommendations made on more effective print advertising campaigns and costs to be targeted at travel trade, consumer, special interest and cruise markets in main source countries .

Milne Bay Province Regional Tourism Study , Papua New Guinea (1995)
Project Consultant for IFC/World Bank funded project. Assessment of potential for regional tourism development including consultations, review and analysis of twelve individual project proposals for tourist resorts, guesthouses and tour operations.

National Tourism Destination Marketing Plan, Samoa (1995)
Project Consultant for this EU funded Marketing Plan for the National Tourism Office. Repositioned the destination to attract more holiday tourists targeting defined special interest markets. Streamlined promotional programs to focus on the travel trade and media. Re-established visitor arrivals back to pre-cyclone levels and achieved an on-going growth rate of 9% following market re-positioning with new image targeting specific holiday segments. An overall 28% increase in room stock was achieved.

National Tourism Development Plan, Samoa (1992 to 1995)
Project Manager to review and update post-cyclone EU/SPTO funded Tourism Development Plan. Implemented recommendations in relation to planning and development of accommodation stock; destination marketing and promotion programs; industry training and community education; organisational review and institutional strengthening of national tourism office; improvement to research and statistics; policy advice and legislation review for Government through Cabinet committees and industry consultations. Raised over A$1m for funding of tourism projects and programs.

National EcoTourism Strategy Plan, Samoa (1994)
Project Director for NZODA funded project to review, assess and develop ecotourism products in line with adopted tourism strategy plan. Included village based cultural tours, caving, diving, volcano/forest trekking, fishing, canoeing and participation in traditional ceremonies. Tour guide training for local Samoans and consultation seminars with local villages. Established a Tourism Development Fund for local village projects.

Ecotourism Study in the Tokelau Islands (1994)
Commissioned by Office of Tokelau Affairs to conduct ten day field trip to the three atolls of Tokelau. Access to these islands is only by ship usually via Western Samoa . Meetings were held with the local chiefs, villagers and boat operators. Assessed potential as an ecotourism destination.

National Parks Visitor Services Plan, Samoa (1993)
Project Manager of this NZODA funded study to undertake impact analysis and assessment of visitor profiles in national parks and protected areas. Developed management models and techniques including interpretive signage and tour guide training.

Manono Island Ecotourism Impact Study , Samoa (1992)
An assessment of the potential and financial feasibility for conducting a series of ecotours to this relatively remote island in Samoa .

Development of Aboriginal Community Tourism Enterprises, Australia . (1989 to 1991)
Director and Senior Consultant of a Joint Venture company, Mingajuta Tourism Consulting, formed with the Aboriginal Investment Corporation and Land Councils, to undertake various projects funded through the Aboriginal Development Commission. Worked with a tourism anthropologist to develop Aboriginal Community owned and operated tourism business enterprises. Some of these included:

•  Port Augusta Arts and Craft Centre, South Australia (1991).
Financial Feasibility Study and Marketing Plan for a proposed Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Centre opposite Wadlata Outback Centre, servicing remote communities around the Port Augusta region.

•  North West Arnhem Land Regional Tourism Plan, Northern Territory (1990). Region was situated in a Protected Aboriginal Reserve adjoining the Kakadu National Park World Heritage Area. The Plan identified appropriate tourism development opportunities. This included a Feasibility Study for the development of locally owned and operated eco-tourist resorts and Aboriginal cultural tours. Financial, marketing and management plans were provided.

•  Roper Bar Regional Tourism Plan, Northern Territory (1990). Assessment of tourism opportunities for the Ngalakan Aboriginal Association at the former Roper Bar Police Reserve and Historical Site. Produced a Tourism Development Plan with market analysis, financial analysis, marketing strategy and identification of proposed tourism enterprises.

•  Moama Land Council Tourism Study, New South Wales (1990). Assess and report on various tourism project proposals in the Echuca-Moama region for the Moama Local Area Aboriginal Land Council. Consultations and advice to local communities.

•  Wiradjuri Wildlife Park , New South Wales (1990). Evaluation of plans and advice for the establishment of an Aboriginal Cultural Centre and Fauna Park at Narrandera. Consultations and advice to local landowners and communities.

•  Dubbo Aboriginal Cultural Centre , New South Wales , Australia (1990). Feasibility Study for a potential tourist attraction and education centre. Co-ordination of architectural and engineering inputs and assessment of commercial viability through cashflow projections. A management and marketing plan was also presented and delivered.

•  Ballarat Aboriginal Cultural Centre , Victoria , Australia . (1989). Conceptual analysis, market research, a feasibility study and a marketing plan was undertaken to ascertain the potential demand and viability for the development of a major visitor attraction.

Sealakes Regional Tourism Plan, Gippsland , Victoria , Australia (1989)
Tourist products and attractions were identified and assessed in three main tourism development areas. Extensive market research was undertaken to ascertain consumer (tourist) perceptions about the areas. Psychographic analysis was used to determine the region’s potential to attract tourists. This was then used to devise a development and marketing strategy plan.

Western Port Regional Tourism Plan , Victoria , Australia (1989)
Tourism Development Strategy plan for South West Gippsland Region. Included identification and assessment of major tourist attractions. A marketing strategy plan was devised based on the market research undertaken. Potential areas for tourism development were identified.

Gippsland Lakes Hinterland Regional Tourism Marketing Plan , Victoria , Australia (1989)
Market assessment and identification of local priority areas surrounding the Lakes region, for tourism development. A consumer perception study using psychographic analysis was undertaken to determine the region’s potential to attract tourists. Produced a marketing strategy and development plan.

ASEAN Tourism Marketing Strategy, 6 South East Asia Countries (1988)
As an in-house specialist consultant with the UNWTO Secretariat, I was responsible for the project design and management. Selection, recruitment and mobilisation of consultancy team and evaluation of their reports.

South Pacific Tourism Development Project, 13 Pacific Island Countries (1988)
As an in-house specialist consultant with the UNWTO Secretariat, I was responsible for the project design and management. Selection, recruitment and mobilisation of consultancy team and evaluation of their reports.