March 2016 to March 2019

Vanuatu Strategic Tourism Action Plan, Ministry of Tourism, Vanuatu, 

Project Team Leader, contracted through NZAid, implementing a variety of projects and programs in capacity development, investment, marketing, infrastructure, product development  and human resource development. These include:

  • Organisational Review and Capacity Needs Study of Tourism Organisations.
  • Sustainable Tourism Policy
  • Destination Marketing Strategy
  • Redevelopment of the Destination Website
  • Tourism Investment Strategy
  • Tourism Ambassadors Training and Accreditation Program
  • Diskovarem Efate and Santo, local tourism product development
  • Handicrafts Business Development Program
  • Tourism Accreditation and Certification Program
  • Agritourism Strategy and Action Plan
  • Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure Project and Management Plan
  • Review of Provincial Tourism Plans
  • Tourism Market Research and Analysis
  • Special Events Development and Management
  • Tourism Human Resource Development Plan

July 2014 to June 2015

Federated States of Micronesia (FSM): National Tourism Policy and State Tourism Investment Plans
ADB funded project to develop a National Tourism Policy for FSM and State Tourism Investment Plans for Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Kosrae. STIL partnered with the Project Director Development Strategists International Consulting (DSIC), based in the Philippines. STIL consultant Geoff Hyde was appointed as Team Leader and was responsible for overall quality control of project reports, budgets, the inputs and outputs of the project team of four consultants. He also undertook the following duties: liaison with ADB, DSIC and FSM Government representatives; Stakeholder consultations and presentations at eight workshops for each stage across all four island States; Project Presentation at the annual Leaders Conference;  Monder Law, Literature review, field trips and site visits for a Tourism sector assessment and analysis; Training Needs Analysis and HRD capacity report. The Investment Plans also included the Identification, assessment and profiling of tourism projects to meet sustainable tourism development criteria for financing and funding through the USA Compact Agreement, to stimulate economic growth. The process selected 30 projects across all four States for funding and development.

June 2013 to Dec 2015

Fiji: University of the South Pacific (USP) Business Training Courses.
Contracted by the Pacific TAFE Centre at the University of the South Pacific to deliver short courses (17 weeks) in Project Management, Marketing Management and Strategic Planning, for the Professional Diploma in Business Management in Fiji and other Pacific Islands. Have also delivered on-going 4 day training workshops in these programs to PICPA in Tonga, Fiji Airways, Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) and the Commissioner Western’s Office. Both courses and workshops are targeted at senior industry executives and senior Government managers.

Oct 2013 to Nov 2014

Fiji: Sustainable Tourism and Climate Change Mitigation Project.
EU funded through the SPC with GIZ acting as the Project Managers. Assessed the energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) programs and projects within the Fiji hotel sector. Assessed financial incentives and funding opportunities to develop PPP investment proposals. Conducted a literature review of national energy and tourism policies. Undertook a wide range of Stakeholder consultations and conducted Workshops. Completed a sample survey of 50 Hotels concerning their status of EE and RE in relation to their GHG emissions. Then selected two model hotels: one to conduct an energy audit and develop an energy management plan; the other to develop a proposal to install a renewable energy hot water system. An EE/RE Handbook for Hotels was also developed as a training tool to improve their operations.